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 Rules and Guidelines

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PostSubject: Rules and Guidelines   1/2/2017, 4:51 am

What is the guild about?

This guild is like family. A place where members of the Empire can gather. A place they can call home. The guild can also be a sancuary for those hunted by the Republic. We serve the Emperor and yet we rule ourselves. 

The guild is brand new so we are still expanding. We intend to focus on PVP, Conquest, Operations and FP. But we can also do PVE if the members of the guild want to do it. We also have a discord channel. Sometimes we can do some Role Play, too but that depends on the willingness of the guild members. 

I decided to make a forum rather than a guild site. I think it's easier to work with. We can still have a calendar for the events and posting is also easier. It's a simple site but I think it's good enough for the purpose of the guild.

As rules I can point several poins you need to follow.

  1. Always keep the good tone. No harsh language.

  2. No godmodding.

  3. There will be a blace for IC (In Character) actions so keep those in there.

  4. OOC or Out of Character can go in its respective category. 

  5. When creating your character's background try to keep it as close as you can to the lore of Star Wars the Old Republic.

  6. We are a friendly guild so let's keep it that way. The main purpose it to help each other when we can.

  7. Of course no Republic side characters allowed. We are a Dark Side Guild so keep that in mind.

  8. You can't be a member of the Dark Council until you are elected.

  9. You start as a Recruit, after you post a character's bio you will become member.

  10. After the leaders of the guild see that you are helping and after some trials (in game) people can advance in ranks.

These are the rules so far. Let's not make them more!

* Important*
Don't upload images on the site's gallery. The one embedded in the forum. It has only 20MB of free storage. If you want to share pictures consider another site for hosting images.It is a lot easier that way and you can have full control over the images. In other words you will be able to change them or delete them if you want. If you use the built-in image service you will be able to delete them from a forum thread but won't be able to change them.
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Rules and Guidelines
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